Custom Event Lockers Land At Orihuela Beach

The beaches on the Orihuela coast are some of the most stunning in the world. With high service standards, multiple accreditations and innovative developments, it’s no wonder that tourists flock to this stunning coastline every year.

This year, the beach at Playa la Glea introduced what looked like a simple white box. However, when opened up, it revealed a secure and innovative storage unit. This new arrival helps to bring the most secure storage units to the beach front, offering added value to beach visitors.

The system is very simple, with visitors to the beach having access to their own secure storage locker.They can return to the locker as many times as they wish, so this makes it ideal for storing valuables such as money or phones.

The beach is a popular spot for pickpockets, and people are naturally more vulnerable when they let their guard down and have some fun. Instead of leaving valuables on the sand or hidden in a shoe while going for a stroll to the snack bar or having fun in the water, visitors now have a safe place to leave their belongings.

While crime rates in Orihuela may be falling, this is likely down to increased vigilance from beachgoers. With the introduction of the secure beach lockers, visitors to the beach can now fully relax and enjoy their time without worrying about their possessions.

To make the lockers fully user-friendly, they offer a helpful information screen with instructions available in a number of languages including English. The easy to follow instructions makes it possible to secure your mobile locker without the need for assistance. After making your choice, you can pay the daily fee by cash or by card.

The system then allocates an available locker and dispenses a small plastic token with a secure barcode. Scan the barcode and your allocated locker will open. When you have secured your items inside, you lock the door and take the token with you. Bands are provided so you can secure your token around your wrist while you enjoy your day at the beach.

The lockers not only provide a safe place to secure your possessions, they also offer free high speed WiFi up to 10 megabytes. Users can access this all day long, so they can upload photos of their beach day or check the traffic for the route home. The WiFi works all over the beach, so you don’t have to feel confined to one area like a beach bar to access the internet.

The units are powered by solar energy and have a battery backup for cloudy days. This makes the unit more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Councillor for the coast, Martina Scheurer explained how this could help to increase accreditation for the beaches in the area, as the town hall is looking for ways to make the beaches more environmentally friendly.

In the unlikely event that the power should fail, the items will remain secure inside. An engineer will then attend to the unit to restore power. Our engineers carry out regular checks and can remotely monitor the units for issues. Our bilingual team also ensure that communication issues never get in the way of efficient operations. This allows beachgoers to enjoy the sun, sea and sand without worrying about their storage locker.