Enjoy a complex package of additional benefits from an innovative and service-focussed company. Mobile Locker is a market-leader, offering a new way forward for companies, organisations and governments looking to provide smart locker solutions.

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  • Innovative

    Our powerful software makes it easier to create integrated marketing campaigns:

    • Our API makes it easy to integrate with 3rd parties, including reservation systems, payment portals, vouchers and more.
    • Fully compatible with cashless payment, including Get, ETC, PayPass and more.
    • Automated and autonomous, so little to no staff are required for 24 hour operation.
    • Other applications and connections available to suit your needs.
  • Quality

    Vandal proof, durable and long-lasting mobile lockers with a longer than average service life:

    • Double galvanised steel construction. Our mobile lockers are made with 2mm thick steel compared with the standard 1mm thin steel from competitors.
    • European manufacturing ensures swift supply.
    • Alarms can alert to the unauthorised opening of a locker door.
    • Vandal proof design ensures a long service life.
  • Customised

    Adapt your locker units to the needs of your business model or unique location:

    • Available in non-standard sizes if required.
    • Create your own locker islands with different sized units.
    • We are fully committed to creating customised solutions that work for your business.
  • Fully Mobile

    We are the only supplier in the world to offer truly mobile locker units:

    • Our self-contained units are easy to move to meet demand.
    • The unique plug and play system only requires a power connection to operate.
    • Solar powered options available for certain locations.
    • Mobile Locker can help you to choose the right location for your lockers.
  • Agile supply

    Keeping manufacturing within Europe allows us to respond quickly to demand within this region:

    • We can supply custom solutions on demand.
    • Transport costs are reduced
    • Delivery times are reduced
  • Service-oriented

    We work alongside every customer to help them achieve the best possible results from their Mobile Locker.

    • We’ll share our experience and help you create a business and marketing model that works for you.
    • Complete service includes delivery and installation. Collection and maintenance is also available.
    • Upgrade your lockers with additional services such as WiFi, charging stations and further services to add value to your offering.