Seasonal lockers

Mobile Locker

Our mobile lockers are customisable and sustainable. With solar powered lockers, you can bring added value to your outdoor venue.

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    Boost earnings

    Make your location as profitable as possible with our unique mobile lockers. Increasing safety and security can boost tourist numbers while our easy-to-use data-driven tools will help you to manage high and low seasons.

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    Our lockers are fully customisable, allowing you to adapt the branding to match the colours of the city, municipality or company. You could also rent advertising space on the lockers to help boost revenue streams.

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    Our lockers last longer than the standard locker. Mobile Locker systems are crafted from galvanised steel with an extra protective coating. The sheet steel is no thinner than 2mm, while competitor lockers are usually 0.8mm thick. Secure doors helps to keep possessions safe, even if there is a loss of power.

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    Some outdoor locations can make use of our innovative solar powered lockers. No infrastructure or wires are required, simply choose your spot and they are ready to use. This offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for beaches and amusement parks.

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    The autonomous and automatic system allows you to operate the lockers with minimal onsite manpower. Multiple units dispersed across different locations on a site can be managed remotely, reducing costs and increasing user flexibility. Leasing options are also available, get in touch to find out more.

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    Our lockers were designed with the end-user in mind. The Mobile Locker system offers more than just safe storage. Users can charge their phones, reserve their locker online or even pay on site with vouchers. This brings a new range of unique selling points to your venue.

Mobile Locker on the beach

Explore our seasonal locker options and the benefits

  • Beach Lockers

    • Create a focal point for the beach
    • Offer additional services such as WiFi or emergency kits
    • Creates a safe environment which boosts visitor numbers
    • Gain extra points for Blue Flag beaches (EU standards)
    • Solar powered lockers available
    • Mobile phone charging facilities available


  • Ski Lockers

    • Offer additional value to skiers
    • Skiers and visitors have a safe place to leave equipment
    • Increase security in your après-ski bars
    • Bring WiFi to the slopes
    • Powered by a single cable


  • Other lockers

    • Bring our locker solutions to an indoor or outdoor location
    • Offer secure storage for amusement parks, concert halls, sports stadiums and more