Smart locker solutions

Mobile Locker provides innovative lockers for leisure and retail locations. Our high quality and customisable mobile locker units are ideal for festivals, beaches, ski resorts, shopping centres, events and more. We also provide permanent solutions with smart capabilities, ideal for e-commerce and parcel delivery services.

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Locker applications

  • Event lockers

    Optimise your event and bring value

    • Festivals
    • Camp sites
    • Music events
    • Sporting events
    • Christmas markets

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  • Seasonal lockers

    Solar powered and off-grid

    • Beaches
    • Ski resorts
    • Amusement parks
    • Sports stadiums
    • Event halls

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  • Permanent lockers

    Innovative lockers for smart cities

    • Shopping centres
    • Train stations
    • Airports
    • Schools
    • Towns and cities

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Find out why Mobile Locker delivers a better solution compared to other locker systems on the market. The Mobile Locker system is built on smart and innovative technology which forms the foundation or our service model. With our big data platform, effective marketing solutions and unparalleled support, your locker project will be built for success. Read on to discover why our service is different.


Minimise staff requirements while maximising your marketing. Our powerful software allows you to take control and provides integrated, cross-platform marketing tools. With multiple payment options and an open API, there are numerous integration possibilities.

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Mobile Locker systems are vandal proof. Our durable and reliable lockers offer a longer shelf life than the average storage locker. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the high quality and robust materials have been tested for all environmental conditions.

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Our adaptable locker unit system allows you to build a solution that works for your location and business model. You can even personalise the look and feel of the lockers to boost your brand.

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We are the only supplier in the world offering truly mobile lockers (patent pending). Our Mobile Locker solution makes the most of the space available, allowing you to respond to demand and create a positive customer experience.

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European Manufacturing and Design

  • We combine sustainable materials with high quality software solutions.
  • Our agile service model ensures lockers are available on demand and adapted to your needs.