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Discover our smart and innovative solutions for e-commerce and retail with contactless delivery options making a Covid-19 secure environment for all.

We are transforming the way we use and access urban environments. Low traffic areas are the next step in creating a greener world. Mobile Locker can help in the next step required to create truly smart cities which put citizens and visitors first. Our permanent locker solutions will have a positive impact on urban mobility while allowing governments to reach their goals in creating traffic-free zones.


Smart cities require smart infrastructure. Our permanent locker solutions will help customers and retailers manage the increased demand for deliveries while still respecting environmental concerns. Through our independent, multi-carrier and white-label options, we can provide the ideal solution to make your smart city a reality.

Support for the sharing economy is fast growing and our initiatives will strengthen communities. Our open and flexible software allows for grassroots initiatives to make the most of the technology available.


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    Give your city or location an added financial boost with the passive revenue from our secure locker solutions. We’ll help you to determine the best locations for your lockers, taking into consideration high and low season demand. Sale and lease back options are also available.

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    Our secure permanent lockers are ideal for e-commerce and retail delivery. Residents can easily pick up parcels while helping to maintain car-free zones within city centres. Our mobile lockers use an API which is suitable for third party integration, making it perfect for white-label units.

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    Customise the look of your lockers with custom colours and branding. The lockers can also be illuminated with the colours or logo of your city to increase visibility. Advertising models are also available to help drive further revenue streams.

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    Our lockers are vandal proof. Increase security and peace of mind with our galvanised steel lockers with extra protective coating. Our lockers are crafted from sheet steel which is a minimum of 2mm thick. Competitor lockers are between 0.8mm and 1mm thick. The individual doors are constructed in a way that makes them difficult to break and are fitted with tamper alarms. The lockers can also be constructed with GPS tracking for added security.

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    Depending on your choice of location, there is the option to install solar-powered mobile lockers. This is an ideal solution for beaches and amusement parks. Even our wired solutions don’t require any heavy infrastructure – simply plug in and you’re ready to go.

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    Mobile Locker provides locker solutions to several large companies, organisations and government agencies. Our customer lists includes De Lijn (BE), KBC, ING, Live Nation and more. Get in touch to find out more about these solutions, or to find out how you can join this list of prestigious organisations.

Mobile Locker Smart Urban Kiosk

Discover our range of permanent lockers and their benefits

  • Smart City Lockers

    • Customised with your city or municipality branding
    • Data capture offers added revenue streams
    • Create WiFi hotspots for residents and tourists
    • White-label options available
    • Can be used for parcels and delivery using 3rd party integration
    • Create additional applications using our open API


  • Parcel Delivery Lockers

    • White-label solutions
    • Customise the locker branding or offer advertising opportunities
    • Open API and 3rd party integrations available
    • Create custom applications that work for you
  • Other smart lockers

    • Our locker solutions aren’t confined to city centre locations.
    • We can provide smart, mobile locker solutions for airports, schools, transport hubs, amusement parks, shopping centres and more
    • Get in touch today to discuss the possibilities