Mobile Locker takes off at Brussels Airport

There are many reasons you might seek out a locker at the airport. From long layovers to excess and oversized baggage. That jumper that your grandma made you pack, even though you have no need for it where you’re going.

To make life easier for transit passengers, Mobile Locker introduced secure luggage storage at Brussels Airport. The solution makes life easier for passengers while also reducing the workload for airport security. After pitching our ideas to Brussels Airport, we soon had a tailor made solution which was specific to that space. In early 2019, this solution became a reality.

Brussels airport saw many advantages to the solution we were proposing. It solved a lot of the problems posed by the current system, it provided a better use of space and it helped to improve customer service.

A customised solution was created that would eliminate the need for airport staff to intervene in the management of the locker system. Passengers can purchase their locker from the payment terminal and then choose a 6 digit code and symbol to protect their locker.

To reduce maintenance requirements, only electronic payments are accepted. While it might be limiting in any other context, it’s helpful for travellers as they might not have local currency to hand. It also removes all of the hassle of collecting cash.

Alongside the software solution, the physical site design was also essential. A modular design allowed for the best possible use of space. We had to walk the line between offering enough space for the passengers while also ensuring that no airport space was wasted. Overall, it was a job well done!