Beach Lockers Now Available At La Zenia

In 2014, the first Mobile Locker beach lockers landed in Orihuela. This marked the first beach in the world to offer a secure and automated locker system for visitors.

The lockers will return in 2015 in conjunction with beach facilities provider, Chiringuitos del Sol. This year, they will be found in a brand new location and will offer more than ever before. It’s no wonder that this beach has already been awarded so many Blue Flag accreditation.

The lockers are operated using an easy-to-use interface which guides you through the purchase process. Instructions are available in English and many other languages, so everyone will be able to access a locker with ease.

The lockers were very successful in keeping people’s belongings safe last summer, so we decided to roll it out again, this time with more flexible pricing options.

Visitors can now pay for the whole day, a single hour, or pre-pay for the whole week.For a family planning to spend a whole week on the beach, this offers incredible flexibility. It’s also ideal if you want to leave some items at the beach every evening.

As was the case last year, locker users can also access the super fast WiFi which is available all over the beach. As this service was so popular last year, we’re also offering this to people, even if they don’t want a locker. Subscriptions to the WiFi can be accessed using the locker terminal.

The process of renting a locker is simple. You follow the guided process to choose your locker type and duration. You can then pay by cash or card. The system then allocates a locker number which you can then access with the small plastic token.

Scanning the token on the “magic eye” will unlock your allocated locker. Once your items are safe inside, the locker is secured and you take the token with you. Bands are provided to allow you to tie the token to your wrist. You are then free to enjoy your day at the beach, returning to your locker as many times as you need to take items out or put more items in.

The entire process from start to finish is incredibly secure and also fully automated. While automation typically takes work away from people, we are proud to have generated work for local people. At each site, there is a full-time employee on hand to provide support as needed. Fluent in Spanish and English, this person will always be on hand to assist with any issues.

Mobile Locker was created by Koen Mortelmans and Jef van Hyfte. Van Hyfte explained: “we envision expansion next year to have several beaches in the north as in the south of Spain who are hiring mobile lockers. Therefore, we intend to hire more people in the upcoming years”.

There has also been interest in the system from locations all over the world. Van Hyfte explained that they receive weekly requests from all over the world, including “the USA, Costa Rica, Brazil, Portugal and so on. We now also have a unit in Antwerp subway station in Belgium and we foresee a steady growth, mostly in Spain but also in other countries”.

To see the system in action this summer, head to La Zenia beach in Orihuela.