Beach Lockers Installed In Fuengirola

Fuengirola is a town located on the Costa del Sol in Spain. The Ayuntamiento (town hall) made the decision to enhance their already popular beaches with Mobile Locker systems where visitors can store their valuables while enjoying the sun, sea and sand.

The new seasonal locker modules were unveiled by Mayor Ana Mula and the council representative for beaches, José Sánchez. It is hoped that the new lockers available on four of the most popular beaches will help to prevent theft during the high tourist season.

Tourists can now access the modules on Fuengirola, Castillo, Los Boliches and Carvajal beaches. Each module offers 50 medium and large sized lockers, while also offering smartphone charging capabilities via USB and electrical outlets.

This is the first province in the whole of Andalucia to offer beach visitors storage and charging facilities. The modules are powered by solar panels.

Locker on the beach

Photo: Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola