Smart Urban Kiosk


Smart infrastructure to monitor and improve the city. A functional tool that acts as an interactive bridge in a smart city.

An independent locker solution open to all that combines different services. Hardware customization based on the location and the actual demand. The Smart Urban Kiosk is the ultimate device to share goods & information, to stall goods and to connect users and data to provide maximum service for all stakeholders of Smart Cities.


Open software system that enables integrations to all companies. Multi-user & single-user applications.
• Inbound and outbound logistic flows
• Digital POD (proof of delivery – communication platform)
• Independent & neutral locker platform (multi-carrier)
• User terminal with payment possibilities (for different applications)
• Open communication and easy accessibility
• Track & trace integration
• Open availability of capacity in lockers and connected Urban Kiosks

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The Smart Urban Kiosk provides extra quality to visitors of city centers to create the most optimal city experience. It allows both single and multi-users to store goods and purchases in a safe locker environment at strategic locations.
• Reservations and real-time availability
• Easy access and digital key/authorization of locker
• Open API integration
• Open data & monitoring
• Cloud based importation of data
• Proof of delivery (POD)

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The Smart Urban Kiosk is a crucial part of an ecological and future proof urban policy. Its services will improve the urban development and will enable local and regional governments to achieve their mobility goals such as reduction of city congestion, improvement of urban air quality and optimization of the public space.

Strategic location management to improve the modal shift:
• Added service to public transport (mobility hub)
• Parcel delivery and handsfree shopping as an alternative of car use in city centers
• Charging e-bikes (to optimize quality of the alternative mobility)

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City marketing and information possibilities

The Smart Urban Kiosk creates a strategically interesting city marketing and information potential which will increase the revenue of the occupied space.



  • Physical communication: ‘Brand your kiosk’
  • Digital communication & Internet of Things:
    • Data catching (Facebook connect etc.)
    • DOOH screens in combination with Audience Measurement (GDPR proof)
    • Interaction with the citizen (city map, event agenda & ticketing booth, make instant hotel or resto reservation, … )



• Wayshowing: bus & metro routes, POI for tourists and residents
• Feedback mechanism about local traffic issues, faulty street lights, …

  • Integration with existing applications
  • Cross marketing possibilities





  • User friendly electronic and automated lockers
  • High-end steel materials, hooligan proof
  • Customization of the hardware
  • Different payment options
  • Online monitoring system
  • Platform-based accessibility with connected locker units
  • Stand-alone and operational 24/7
  • Solar panel integration


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