Our story

Mobile Locker

In the summer of 2012, co-founder Jef van Hyfte and his girlfriend were sunbathing on the beach in Spain. He wanted to cool off in the ocean, but didn’t know what to do with his stuff. “If only we had a locker here”, said his girlfriend, and so the idea for mobile locker units on the Spanish beaches arose. It took one phone call to co-founder Koen Mortelmans to put the first ideas on paper..

Koen and Jef decided to focus on innovation. The traditional locker market needed a new impulse and so the inventors decided to draw up a detailed USP model regarding the offer of their innovative lockers. A WIFI connection? Charging your mobile phone in your locker? Paying without using cash? Energy via solar panels? Hooligan-proof? All these ideas were tested against the market and so the first prototype of what are now colourful mobile lockers was developed.

The start-up was soon contacted to place their concept – in addition to the Spanish Costas – on the Belgian festival market and the European Football Championships fan villages of the Red Devils. Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop, Dranouter, Groezrock and Ostend Beach were the first places where Mobile Locker could showcase what it had to offer. Today, many of these festivals are still very satisfied with Mobile Locker’s mobile locker solutions. You will certainly find these handy lockers at numerous festivals this year as well!

The Mobile Locker team expanded and put a second focus on installing permanent locker systems for public places and companies. But Koen and Jef remain alert for new possible applications. Energy-efficient solutions and doing even more with the data that comes out of the software are two of the current challenges that are being worked out in full detail.

Thanks to its international contacts, Mobile Locker is slowly but surely building up a strong position on the international market. For this, the company worked out partnerships with local solution builders. And so Mobile Locker remains the reference for mobile locker solutions, both at home and abroad.